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Fryers FAQs
- We recommend peanut oil for its high smoke point and mild flavor
- Canola oil and vegetable oil can also be used
- Do not use olive oil, grapeseed oil, or any oil with a low flashpoint
- The turkey must be completely thawed and dry: rinse the turkey inside and out with warm water or immerse in warm water for no more than 20 minutes while oil is heating
- Use paper towels to thoroughly dry the inside and outside of the turkey
- Inject with marinade and/or add dry rub
Fry your turkey for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes per lb. The internal temp should be 165 degrees in the breast and 180 degrees in the thigh.
When liquid reaches the set temperature:
- Cooking Oil – 375°F (Max Temp)
- Water – 212°F (Max Temp) – boiling water will not get hotter than 212°F
- Boil/Steam – Set temp to 210°F (water is ready when boiling)
Yes, it operates on a button cell battery
- Allow the unit to cool: 2 hours after using water, 5 hours after using oil
- Remove the controller from the main body
- Locate and press the Reset Button on the rear of the controller, with a toothpick
- We do not recommend using an extension cord
- Use of an extension cord can increase heating and cooking time
- If you must use an extension cord, it must be a heavy-duty cord with a ground
Make sure no other appliances are plugged into the same outlet or circuit
- Pot and lid: dishwasher safe
- Body: use mild soap and water
- Do NOT allow water or cleaning agents to contact the electrical components
- Watch cleaning video here:
Peanut oil can be used 6-8 times if properly maintained and filtered after each use
- Butterball® Electric Fryer – 2 gallons
- Butterball® XL Electric Fryer – 2.75 gallons
- Do not exceed the maximum fill line
Oil takes approximately 30-45 minutes to heat up in the regular size fryer and 40-45 minutes for the XL fryer
This appliance is for indoor use only. Do not use outside.
Turkeys can be injected with marinade and/or a dry rub can be added to the skin
Call Masterbuilt Customer Service at 1.800.489.1581, Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST