Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt combines the powerful, consistent heat of propane with durable, heavy-duty construction that makes outdoor cooking safe and fun. With the patented electronic auto shut-off timer, a standard on all Masterbuilt propane cookers, safety and cooking always go hand-in-hand.

  • Black solid steel 15 LP gas cooker stand with 30 qt. aluminum pot with handles and lid
  • Powerful cast iron propane burner with a Type 1 regulator and hose
  • Wide-handle turkey hanger hook and lifting hook
  • Electric timer with automatic shut-off for added safety, to prevent overheating
  • 12'' stainless steel thermometer included
Model Number20020107Length17.9 inches
Capacity30 quarts; 18 lb. turkeyWidth19.5 inches
Heating Element35,000 BTUHeight30.7 inches
Weight12.6 lbs.ColorStainless Steel
Fuel TypePropane
- We recommend peanut oil for its high smoke point and mild flavor
- Canola oil and vegetable oil can also be used
- Do not use olive oil, grapeseed oil, or any oil with a low flash point
The turkey must be completely thawed and dry: rinse the turkey inside and out with warm water or immerse in warm water for no more than 20 minutes while oil is heating
- Use paper towels to thoroughly dry the inside and outside of the turkey
- Inject with marinade and/or add dry rub
- Watch cooking video here:
Fry your turkey for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes per lb. The internal temp should be 165 degrees in the breast and 180 degrees in the thigh.
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